Athens Schoolhouse of Antiques + Candice Michelle Designs

Athens Schoolhouse of Antique Show

IMG_2754.JPGIf you live in Kentucky and are an Antique shopping, furniture refurbishing, high quality type of prospect, then this antique shop is calling your name! Candice Michelle Designs was picked by this sweet shop and a local television station to be featured in their newest commercial! The commercial spot took place in my home and features numerous Antiques and quality furniture that I purchased second hand and refinished myself. The problem with a lot of Antiques is that the generation {the baby boomers} that really appreciate them are downsizing and also getting rid of their furniture, not purchasing. Then you have the generations in between that styles range from the love Antiques, to modern style, to distress furniture and farmhouse style to rustic to all kinds of endless possibilities! The good thing about Antiques is that they can pretty much be transformed to fit any style! The idea behind the commercial is to show the younger generations that furniture can be refinished to match any style. Antiques are well built, solid pieces of furniture with loads of character and that is what motivates me to purchase something old over going out to a store and buying brand new. You can get a LOT of bang for your buck! Check out their website to become aware of future shows and make sure to keep updated with my blog and media outlets and we have some exciting projects in the future for y’all!


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