Add Sleeping Better to Your List …

Happy hump day y’all! Can you believe Christmas Eve is NEXT weekend?! I’ve been super busy checking things off my list and getting all my gifts wrapped and ready for the big day!

This year (three days after Christmas to be exact) I turn the big 3-0! Not saying that I am getting old, but I am definitely getting “older” and the gifts that I ask Santa for have gotten a little more practical. This year I asked Santa for some new pillows and guess what? He delivered!

My husband and I are on this new lifestyle kick. We want to not only be healthier ourselves, but also want our home to be as well. Now that may sound kind of odd, having a “healthy home” and I am being literal when I say that. We want our home to have pure air, clean carpets, less allergens and dust…. We want to sleep better and feel better. We’ve started with purifying the air with hepa-air purifiers in our room and our children’s rooms, then we had our carpets professionally cleaned and next we are going to add a whole home humidifying system to keep the moisture in the air. A huge portion of this healthy lifestyle for us is being sleep focused. It is so important to get a good night’s rest (I won’t go into all the facts and details) as so much of our health is based on how much sleep and what kind of sleep we are getting at night. SO with all of this being said—I’ve decided that I am going to start from the bottom and work my way to the top—(bottom: new pillows middle: new sheets and bedding top: new mattress) and I want to bring you along with me on this journey! Let’s change the way we sleep together!

So, let’s start from the bottom… If you are a UK fan, like myself and my entire family, I have something special to share with you! Not only will you get the best sleep of your life, BUT you can also do it in true “CATS” style! Right now, Sleep Outfitters is offering these UK champions collection temper-cloud pillows 20% off (2 for $129) PLUS if you use the code CMFREESHIP you’ll not only get free shipping on these but on ANY and ALL purchases made online! Who doesn’t love free shipping? Especially this time of year! There is a limited supply of these so make sure to grab yours (one for you and one for under your tree).

These pillows are AH-MAZE-ING! My neck has the right amount of support, the pillow does not move around the bed or slip off the bed in the middle of the night, and it forms to the shape of my head allowing me to sleep comfortably in place.

image1 (3)

Now, if you are not a UK fan or do not care much for the embroidery, you can buy 2 for $99 right now and still get the free shipping by using the code CMFREESHIP.

Just a little Kentucky Fan side note on this product: a portion of the proceeds go to the Calipari Foundation.

I am very passionate about this and my health. I want my family to feel good in the mornings, to have energy and to be ready to take on the world!

Go to to order your pillows or  for all product orders and have yourself a very Merry and Peaceful nights rest!

image2 (3)

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