Microblading is a MUST . . .

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have perfect eyebrows that you didn’t have to spend ANY time drawing out and filling in every single day? I would say that I am sorta-kinda “okay” at doing my own makeup, but I literally dread filling in my brows because I am so OCD therefore, it can take me forever to get them looking up-to-par. Also, my natural eyebrows are sorta-kinda “okay” as well (or so I thought) .. .. I mean they aren’t extremely full, they do have slight definition and carry a nice arch on the up-side; on the down-side, they have some thinning in areas and are not as full and dark as I’d wish them to be.


So, here’s my other question: have you heard of Microblading? ….. ANNNNDDDD is it super basic of me to say that “I AM OBSESSED” with it?! Literally, had no idea I was going to be so pleased with not only the outcome of the procedure, but the entire process (from beginning to end).
Much research was done before I decide on THE place I would get my Microblading done. I mean if we are weighing our pros and cons, let’s be honest, the con is: it’s not what most of us would consider “cheap”, BUT the pros by far outweigh and even justify spending that pretty penny you’ve been saving!


Let me start by saying, that if you are questioning my authenticity in this, even a little bit, please don’t—Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo (results last up-to two years) that I had put on my face— I would never actually do something such as this unless I was 100% certain, comfortable and satisfied with the procedure, the staff and had all information available to me. I am honestly, telling y’all—this was one of the greatest things I have ever done for my face and my appearance. Not only do I NEVER have to worry about filling in these dang brows anymore, but they are truly perfect!


I had this procedure done at the Center for Anti-Aging in Lexington, KY (click on company name to be directed to their website). The ENTIRE staff there is fantastic, they are accommodating, welcoming, and willing to answer all questions. The environment is beautiful, fresh and spa-like. The Esthetician that did my microblading is Taevia Boden, and she does incredible work. Dr. Karla Stephen (yes, they have a physician on site) injected lidocaine, per my preference, along the line of my eyebrows to fully numb them. They offer topical lidocaine that can be used in its place. After the numbing set-in, the Esthetician drew out my “new brows” and filled them in (using a professional stencil to do all the measurements)—got my approval and then started the Microblading! Once the process was complete, I was a slightly sore (my eyebrows felt the sensation of a mild sunburn) BUT I could not believe the difference it made. They were a bit swollen from the injections the first day, but on the second and third and fourth day, I was receiving compliments left and right on them, by complete strangers—who knew eyebrows could be so popular?!


I have two little girls, so getting ready FAST is a must for me— this has helped eliminate so much extra time I spent trying to do my eyebrows alone, not to mention it adds an extra WOW factor to your entire look. You can’t perfect your brows like Taevia can—I guarantee it!


I will do another update on this post after my second session, which includes: a touch up of color, fixing any areas that need “hair” added and that need to be re-filled, and just extra perfecting the entire process (price for this session is included in your initial payment).


Do NOT wait to set up a consult with these ladies. Every woman deserves to have perfect brows and to feel 100% confident in them! You are doing yourself a favor!


Because I believe in this process so much, they’ve allowed me to share a code with you all to get 20% off your Microblading sessions (1 and 2) by using the CODE: CANDICE20 –  You simply call, book, give them the code and DONE!





Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via social media or email with any questions. I am happy to assist you on your “journey to perfect brows” 😉


Regular price for Microblading: $499

Your price (NOW-AUG 31): $424



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