Meet Candice Michelle…

21369050_10211605610390061_2540020339167274883_o(1)Hey there! I’m Candice Michelle, the passion-fueled designer behind this blog. I’m a 29 year old who married her soul’s mate & together, created the most beautiful blessings life has to offer. Becoming a mother not only lifted my spirits to new, unrecognizable heights, but has also motivated me to dig more into what I love most, interior design! As a child, I loved decorating my room & would beg my mom to take me to any home store, peddlers-mall, and/or garage sale. I would get more excited about new curtains, candle sticks, & random antiques, than I would roller skates or a new CD player. As the years went on, I started dabbling into & trying out a variety DIY-projects. I learned how to paint {I believe I actually inherited this trait from my mother}, to mix and match fabrics, to find a good bargain & so on & so on. As time went on, people started to admire my projects & even inquire for me to re-do pieces for them or to help “stage” their home.

I started this blog as my way of being vulnerable & expressing myself through what I like to call my “creative eye.” I am for the first time, taking a leap & showing the world what I am passionate about, what I truly love, and what makes me happy.

The idea behind all of this is to share my ideas/inspirations with those that feel the same way I do. I want to help all of you, that are curious, explore your curiosities & indulge in the world of décor.

There is a sweet relief in discovering your talents & an even grander reward in sharing it with others & I am SO excited to start this journey with you!

To me, an empty space is like a blank canvas, ready to be painted, waiting for me to make it come alive.

I can’t wait to start this journey with ya’ll!


3 thoughts on “Meet Candice Michelle…

  1. Will you build me a bench for the dinning room table
    Paint and distress the kitchen cabnets
    Build wood shutters for the inside windows
    built a ladder blanket holder (no not the dog)
    Put wood paneling on the bar wall
    Paint the kitchen all the same color
    Build a desk and paint it
    Build a dog/baby gate
    built two book shelves
    Put up a rock wall behind the fire place
    paint and organize the guest bedroom
    Probably many others im not thinking of
    Please help!
    I dont know what to do.

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  2. Okay everyone Candice Michelle is my niece and the most talented beautiful and successful woman I have ever known. She is so creative and I love following everything she does. She is definitely a gift from heaven thank you Lord for sending her to us.

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