DREAM fit, DREAM sleep . . .

Dream Fit? More like dream sleep!

I must admit, I have been acting much like a crazy person, trying to turn our home into the perfect sleep haven. As yall know from my previous posts, my husband and I started on this “healthy sleep” journey a few months ago and have been slowly working on improving our sleep cycle, thus improving our overall health. We started with our air purifiers in every bedroom, then our Temperpedic pillows (we chose the UK specific ones because we are fans) and now I am on the hunt for the perfect sheet set. Now, I am super picky about my bedding. I sleep with a quilt every night and hate having my feet stuck under a fitted sheet. It makes me feel suffocated to not be able to move my toes around. I did much research on the type of sheets I wanted for our bedroom and made sure that whatever I stuck with, had all the qualifications I was looking for. I believe the splurging in the bedroom is a MUST. I mean, we spend OVER 6 hours (or at least most of us do) or more in a 24-hour period, in our beds. So technically, shouldn’t this be our most comfortable place? Shouldn’t we make sure that where we rest our bodies, unwind from the day, and rejuvenate our souls be the most comfortable and plush spot in our home? If you don’t agree, that’s okay, I used to be you. I used to think that the sheets, the pillows, the mattress– it all didn’t REALLY matter, I mean heck, they were all pretty much the same in my book and all served the same purpose. If it matched my color schemes and felt tolerable, I bought it! Well, I am here to tell you that those “cheap, but good” sheets, really aren’t that good. I’ve gone through so many, I’m embarrassed at the amount of money I’ve thrown away…


Now, that my long rant is over, let me introduce you to my new sheet-set pick: The DreamFit Degree 6: MicroTENCEL/Supima Cotton Quilted Ensemble in white. Do NOT let the price tag discourage you: A. I’m offering a discount code at the end of this for 20% ALL DreamFit sheets (including FREE SHIPPING on everything Sleep Outfitters has online) and B. there are WAY more than just the degree 6 options to choose from, that are all just as fabulous as the next! My reasoning behind choosing this set is because the quilt that has the top sheet sewed onto it. I couldn’t kick my quilt loving ways and although it’s almost impossible for me to part with my childhood quilt, I’ve learned that this one is not only MUCH more comfortable, but it is also breathable, AND temperature regulated which keeps me feeling cooler at night. The MicroTENCEL moves and releases excess moisture! The entire sheet set is… WAIT FOR IT… Allergan and Bacteria RESISTANT! I mean really? These silk like sheets are a dream! The TENCEL in them is derived from the eucalyptus plant, how fascinating is that? I was so skeptical ordering them, before trying them, but the proof was in the description and I was sold!

A big pain with making the bed for all of us is:

  1. Trying to find which way the sheet goes. How many times do you flip your sheets around before you get it right? Well, these fix all those pesky issues for you and make “bed making” a fast, easy, and enjoyable experience. All sheet sets come with color coded bands sewed in the corners. These bands tell you which corner the sheet goes on and they also make it super easy to put over the mattress—eliminating the time and effort it takes to make a regular bed. These sheets are made specifically for those hard to reach and hard to pull-over thick mattresses! I tested out the theory myself and literally, I’m not lying to ya’ll, it took me less than 3 minutes to make my entire king size bed! I was OVER the moon impressed!
  2. Another huge pain with making the bed is all those annoying wrinkles—well, with the tailored fit and elegant top quilt, you have a “store display” bed in minutes!

Listen, I’ll take a breathable, healthy, tailored, easy and peaceful sleep over ANYTHING! Whose with me? Let’s change the way we sleep together! (I sound like I’m trying to start my own revolution)

Cool Fact: The DreamFit patented corner bands are “guaranteed to fit, guaranteed to stay on!”

Follow the link below to shop all Degree DreamFit Sheets and use the CODE: Candice20 for 20% off your total order.


Manufacture warranty included on orders.



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