Cowhide {the PERFECT fall rug}

Having trouble finding the perfect rug to cozy up your space? Well, have no fear, a HomeGoods is near!

I have always been such a HUGE lover of furs! I’m thinking it may have something to do with me originating in the south {Waco, Texas} and being brought up in the horse capital of the world {Kentucky}.

Now, I am certainly aware that a lot of people shy away from furs or have nothing to do with them, due to their beliefs, which I fully respect, BUT there are other options, & I am here to share those with you.

Cowhide rugs are an absolute FAVORITE of mine. If I could, I would have them everywhere, but because they are such a strong statement piece, you have to be careful to not “overdo-it.” Cowhide rugs truly pull the coziness into a space & generate a warm & inviting area, with a dash of elegance. They really work for every season, but are undeniably perfect for the fall & winter months.

Last year, my fiancé & I purchased a real cowhide rug from Amazon. I loved it then & I love it now. We got so many compliments on it {& still currently do by new guest}. It really brought a lot of personality to our living room at the time & made it stand out from the other rooms surrounding it. The only downfall to our new rug was the smell. It was a tad overbearing at first & took some time to weaken. Also, our tiny fur baby, Chloe, had a few potty-breaks on it before she finally learned that was not okay with mommy! I assume it was the smell that gravitated her towards that particular area.

This is room is not complete yet, as we just recently moved in. {so basically, ignore everything EXCEPT for the rug}

This is room is not complete yet, as we just recently moved in. {so basically, ignore everything EXCEPT for the rug}

After we purchased our new home {about three months ago}, I knew I wanted to put a white cowhide in the living room & use the darker one for the seating area. I looked everywhere, but could not find what I was looking for anywhere.

Then, of course, I walked into HomeGoods & there it was, the rug I had been searching for! It was perfect! It was the right size, it was all white, & to make things even better, it was faux! I immediately purchased the rug, took it home, placed it in my living room & just like a glove, it FITrug 2

These rugs are considered “rare finds” according to the employee working that day. She said that they go so fast, that is why you have to grab them when you see them. So if you have a HomeGoods near you, now is the time to keep a lookout for these little treasures.

rug 4

Another idea, if you do not need a rug for a larger area, is captivating a smaller space by using a medium size or miniature size faux fur rug or faux sheep rug. HomeGoods & many other retailers {e.g., IKEA, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby} carry these gems. I use a white faux fur runner in my daughter’s room to accent her crib & add texture.


It is no secret that an accent piece, such as a rug, can indeed make an area & add that extra bit of charm that you’ve been searching for!

I would love to see some of your cowhide rugs, furs, & accent rugs & have ya’ll showoff how you utilize them in your space!

Happy Fall shopping!

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