Let’s make a {FALL} wreath, together!

You can always buy an already made, manufactured, wreath from the store, but there is something about creating one on your own that is exhilarating!

When I’m driving in a neighborhood {any neighborhood} & I spot a house that has been well-manicured & decorated on the outside, I think to myself “I love those people inside!” I know that sounds so silly, but a home with nothing on the outside, makes me worried about what may be on the inside. My biggest fear would be nothing!

I’m feeling a little humorous today, but I’m about to get down to business, when I show you how I made this fabulous fall wreath for a friend of mine!

First, I made my once weekly {on a slow week} trip to Michaels. I picked out the grapevine wreath {originally $9.99, but I used my 50% off coupon for this one}. I find the grapevine to be a safe choice in wreath making, very versatile. Then, went over to flower section {this is where time gets the best of me}. Basically, I sorted in my mind the color scheme I wanted for this. She has a red door, so I knew I wanted to use a color {yellow} that would POP! You want to be able to appreciate your wreath from the street, it should never blend.

Full Buggy!

Sunflowers {in my opinion} are a fall must have. I added some pops of color with the burnt orange hydrangeas & then some random fall-like neutrals, to tie it all in. My best advice on the ribbon: pick something that draws to you! Picking ribbon to me is like picking fabric for a chair reupholstering, once I know it’s the one, I’m usually always 100% satisfied! For those of you who do not know how to make a bow, you can always buy a pre-made bow from Michaels {or any craft store}, usually located in the floral section, displayed on random stands or above the ribbon displays. Also, Pinterest offers MANY tutorials on bow making, if you are a beginner & not yet confident in your “bow making skills” just yet.

Next, gather ALL of your supplies & lay them out in front you. I suggest buying floral wire that is green, so it will blend with the floral stems & using a wire cutter {to save you some time cutting the stems down}. Some people like to use a hot glue gun, which is fine, if you know you aren’t going to switch the floral per season.


Now the fun/creative part starts! My fiance says that, “when the fun begins, take it outside!”{He knows how messy my fun can get.} Play around with your arrangements & their placements. Making a wreath should be enjoyable, but should look somewhat systematized as well. With a grapevine, you can put floral all around or you could just use one side to accent the wood & pull in some dark, neutral tones. {I like to secure my floral in behind the wreath by using my floral wire to wrap around the stems for sturdy hold.}

wreath making

After ALL of the floral & greens are in & you have a BIG, HUGE smile on your face, you now can add in your bow, for the finishing touch!


Last but not Least, hang it, step back & wait for the compliments to come flooding in! {Oh! Don’t forget to take a few “proud” pics to post on your social-media, as well.}

I hope this post helps those of you that want to make a wreath, but have never taken to opportunity to do so, build something that you are proud of.

I can’t wait to see all of the fall decorations and porch ideas this season. I get so excited about seasons, for reasons such as this!


{As a side note: All the bold lettering on any of my blog post, are links that take you directly to the site, please check them out, as I’ve found them to be very helpful!}

{Ways to hang your wreath: over the door wreath hanger, command {outdoor strips}, or some have found that magnetic holders for glass doors work well with a storm door or a window, Amazon carries these bad-boys.}

One thought on “Let’s make a {FALL} wreath, together!

  1. jona says:

    My question is not knowing how to place my flowers when you want more than sunflowers. Do you put small flowers next to big flowers are just all big flowers. How do you wrap ribbon when it goes all around wreath.
    Please make me one for your display. 🙂


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