{Going Green}

I’ve decided to switch things up today & blog about something I absolutely, cannot live without & that is greeneryGreenery is SO in right now {okay, well, I’m not exactly sure it was every actually “out”}!

I like to think of floral/greenery as ‘the topping on the cake’. You can take any space, decorate it up-to-par, add some greens & wahla, the room is perfection… you’ve added the finishing touch! Make sure to keep in mind that some greenery is really out-of-style, while others look WAY to fake. Anytime you add floral or plants to your home, you want them to give off the illusion that they are real or at one point were real {obviously, they aren’t real if they are coming from the top of a tee-pee, but that is the illusion}. For example, I have a long-wooden-box on my dining-room table that has boxwood plants in it. Even though these are dried out {not living} boxwood, they look very much alive & give off a seamless color, really making the room feel inviting.


Boxwood Plant + Wooden-Box: Peddlers Mall Store {Lexington, KY}

Sunflowers for summer & fall add warm,colorful touches to the home, as do cotton stems & olive branch leaves|vines. Look around at different craft|home-good stores to find some plants that match your style & add them to a room that feels a little spacey or unwelcoming; you will thank me after.

Michaels, HobbyLobby, HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ MAXX, Tuesday Morning, & Peddlers Mall have never let me down when searching for some greens. Most of these stores offer weekly coupons as well OR have their floral on sale every other week, so keep an open-mind to those options for some good deals & discounts!

Below are a few pictures of plants in my home & their placements.


Fern: Michaels store| Wood-box: HomeGoods




Plant: TJ Maxx


Wood-boxes: HobbyLobby | Plant: HobbyLobby {garland: cut into sections}


Mini-grapevine wreath: Michaels stores | Greenery: Michaels store

To sum it up: be careful what types of plants you are putting in your home, but definitely PUT them in!

I hope you enjoyed this post & are inspired to go out & add some green to your home before this winter weather hits! Thanks for following! X0X

2 thoughts on “{Going Green}

  1. jona says:

    That is beautiful. Do you ever mix fake greens with real colorful flowers.
    What are the popular fall colors this year. What looks best together. Dark with light – dark with shade lighter.
    Can you show your pumpkins with baby moma dad written on them.


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