It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

Yay for Christmas! Yay for pine smell and candy canes! Yay for presents and holiday cheer! Yay for Jesus and all of His Glory! AND of course, YAY for Christmas decorations!

I’m not sure what I love most, shopping or decorating, but when Christmas comes around each year, I don’t have to choose and I certainly don’t have to feel guilty, I just simply blend with everyone else. I love everything about this time of year, and I know I am not alone. Like many of my “decorating buddies,” I started making my home a winter wonderland right after all the trick-or-treater’s disappeared. My Pandora was playing Christmas jingles the very next morning and I was ready to ditch the pumpkins for some pine-cones.

One thing I really wanted this year was flocked everything.

I wanted a flocked Christmas tree, flocked garland, flocked wreaths….. (I’m sure you get my point), but with our wedding coming up in just a few months, I am not really in a position to splurge on “new” things that I already have, SO I improvised. I started working this mind of my mine, and thought I should try spray-painting my tree, my garlands, and wreaths that I already have, to give them that snowy look I adore. I made a quick stop into Lowes and Walmart on my way home from work and bought some cans of spray paint (white) and some cans of textured spray paint (white). I took my tree out of storage and propped it up in my backyard, on a sunny Sunday afternoon and covered the exposed ground with oversize trash bags and painting blankets. I spruced my tree, gave my spray cans a little shake, and went to town. I sprayed only the tops of the branches and left the back parts green (to give it a look of “realistic” snow fall).

The neighbors probably thought I was insane outside in the cold, spray-panting a gigantic Christmas tree, BUT it WORKED!


Of course the actual look of snow piling up on the ends of the tree did not appear magically, but the look of brushed snow all over the tree did. I was so impressed with how the tree turned out and how easy it was, I took out the garlands and some mini wreaths and sprayed them too!

I’ve added some photos for you to see the process and the before/after. This can get VERY messy, so make sure if you DO decide to “flock” your Christmas decor, that you are aware of the weather (wind, rain, snow..) and that you also consider covering the areas that you DO NOT want the spray paint to access.


I hope this helps those of you that are going for the more “wintry-white”, Christmas look!  I will be posting more “Holiday inspired” blog posts this season, so keep a look out!


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