Happy, Happy, Joy… JOY!

Add some “JOY” to your home this holiday season!

I am the QUEEN of projects! People are constantly asking me “how do you find the time to do everything you do?” I have to admit, being a mommy of a nineteen-month-old, “baby-teen,” does not offer me much time, but when I get those little moments, I spend them creating something!

Obviously, I LOVE the holidays and ALL of the Christmas spirit it comes along with! I decided, what better way to spread the love and remind my family what this season is truly about, then bringing some JOY of my own into our home… SO I made my very own JOY sign.

Making my JOY sign:

  1. First I went to Lowes (one of my top 5 favorite places to frequent)and picked out the wood of my choice. I had it cut there (3 feet tall) in preparation for the fun stuff!
  2. I knew I wanted my sign to be Christmas red and I always knew I wanted it to look weathered and rustic with the words JOY on it (in white, to stand out against the red).
  3. I browsed through one of my other favorite places to be (Michael’s store) and found a true red paint, a white paint, and some medium/large white wood letters.
  4. I sanded down the wood some to rid of any rough edges and prep the sign for painting.
  5. I painted the sign RED (only one coat).
  6. I sanded the edges again, and then covered the wood in stain going over the red paint.
  7. Once the paint and the stain dry, I blotted a damp paint brush in the white paint and made brush strokes against the wood, to give it that “weathered”, wind-swept look.
  8. After the paint completely dried, I nailed (with very thin nails) the letters onto the sign.
  9. I painted two coats on the letters using the white paint, to give them a solid and cleaner look.
  10. When everything was painted and hammered, I felt that I needed to add something else for a finishing touch. I had some extra garland laying around, so I made a little bow and tied the garland on with some twine to go around the “o”.


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I hope this post inspires anyone who would like to make a holiday sign for their home or their porch, but is unsure where to start! DYI projects are so fun and for me, they are VERY therapeutic.

Happy “sign-making” Holidays to you ALL and thanks for following!

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