I just love, LOVE! {Don’t you?}…

In honor of the most lovable, cuddly, and warm holiday approaching, I’ve decided to put my blogging “cap” on and share a little treat with ya’ll—my LOVE box. I’ve always been an “add a personal touch to every gift” kind of gal, so this Valentine’s Day, I put together a box filled with love for my beautiful little girl.

Valentine’s Day is ALL about love and I LOVE, love! It’s always nice to remind those around you in a special, sort-of-way, how much they really do mean to you. I adore little gifts and fun surprises, so I’m extra excited to share this little bundle with ya’ll!

First, I’m obsessed with the $1-$3 bins at Target, you know, all the fun goodies on display when you first walk in? If you’ve never experienced shopping in this area, YOU MUST stop whatever it is you are doing now AND go {you can thank me later}. Since I frequent this section often, it was no surprise when I stumbled upon this pink box (pictured below) for $3, I just knew it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!


{Other color options: white, red, natural wood}

The more I looked around, the more stuff I found to fill the box:

  1. Paper shreds ($1)
  2. I © You fork and spoon ($1)
  3. X0X0 fork and spoon ($1)
  4. 10 pack of heart cards ($1)
  5. Pack of candy heart gift tags ($1)



Literally, they have the cutest stuff! Satisfied with these purchases, I bought a few more small things to add in and mix stuff up a bit:

  1. A floral hair bow from Jane.Com ($5)
  2. Candy (because candy is a MUST)



{I love reading the little messages on the sweethearts}

Lastly, don’t forget to write a personalized note…..


All together I spent under $20 and created something personal, fun, and filled with LOTS of love! I hope this helps anyone trying to come up with a creative valentine’s idea for their little or loved one(s)!



Finished Product 🙂

I’m excited to see YOUR personalized Valentine’s Day creations!




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