Handmade is ALWAYS Better {in my book}

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am PRO anything handmade. I would rather buy something authentic, with character and detail, over something factory made, and now-n-days it seems that this trend is picking up! Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of being a brand representative for a handmade sign company called Down Grace Lane, based out of Fairmont, WV.

Jenny and Wes (the owners/founders of Down Grace Lane) picked myself and seven other {incredible} ladies to represent their products and showcase them in our homes. They also allowed us the option to help “create our own sign” and add it to their fabulous collection. I am {still} extremely flattered that they feel my home is a perfect ‘staging’ scene for their signs!

When I received my first two signs {the cottage sign and the scripture sign}, I was VERY impressed with the quality of them and with how well put together they are. They are so appealing and made so seamlessly. Even at first glance, I knew that they took their time creating each one.

My greatest struggle upon receiving them, was trying to find a place to put them! I had more than one location in mind and only two signs! Honestly, I wanted one in every room {not to be excessive}, but I finally settled on the perfect spots and admire them daily.


As for the sign that I wanted to create, I chose to go with a GROCERY sign {bulky lettering, in a white background with black writing} to go in my kitchen. It turned out even better than I had anticipated!


Basically, being a brand rep {for the first time ever} was an ideal experience for me. I advertise and market daily for corporate stores and antique shops on my social outlets, but the actual partnership of brand representation was a different experience for me. I feel that Down Grace Lane gave back to me, what I gave to them, and that made the entire collaboration even more gratifying. They are awesome to work with and their product is easy to love!

If you are looking for a handmade sign to add to your home, office, and/or space, check them out! Their prices are VERY reasonable and their product is of the best quality. You will not be disappointed.

Link to Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DownGraceLane


Happy Hump-day Shoppers! x0x

Candice Michelle

{Please note: All opinions and reviews are my own.}

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