Farmhouse Chic {Is What I like to Call It}

I’m doing something fun with Kirkland’s and I have been SO excited to share this with y’all. I’ve always been such a devotee of Kirkland’s. I mean have you ever been to a store that smells so darn good?

Living in Kentucky, the country living and farm-style look is easy to find, but the trouble that most run into is where to go. So today, I am playing around with some farmhouse decor at Kirkland’s- one of my go-to places for home decorating ideas.

I’m naturally drawn to blue-undertones and neutrals; they make my home feel fresh and cozy. For those that are in search of home interior inspiration, or need some help putting a farmhouse look together, this post should be right up “your alley.”

What every “Farmhouse Chic” home needs:

  1. Throw pillows, LOTS and LOTS of throw pillows! Okay, maybe not go overboard, but throw pillows are easy to use for accent purposes. Instead of using your walls, or furniture as your areas of color, you can use throw pillows and blankets to do this job for you! I absolutely love the color and lace on the Aqua Branwen pillow.
  2. A large, eye-catching wall mount. Your walls need stuff on them, but be smart about the placement of your “wall art” and how many pieces you put on your walls. Personally, I think everything hung should be seen, not blurred out by the “busyness” of other decor. What I like so much about this cream metal and wood medallion, is that it is large, it has a lot of detail, but it is still simple enough to not take away from wall space or the room. I would personally enjoy seeing this hanging behind the table, maybe in a large entry way or an entertaining area. I’ve also seen similar items being used behind sofas, or even above a bed {similar to what we have in our master room- in a set of three}. It is VERY rustic/farmhouse.
  3. Another way to add pops of color to a room, is with a table-lamp and/or floor lamp. I purchased the Hadley floor lamp, in turquoise, last year and it truly adds the right amount of color in our guest room. The distressed features of the lamp add character and charm while magnifying the farm style appearance.
  4. Now, this is my EVERY home MUST HAVE: a boxwood topiary plant. I have so many of these little babies I’ve lost count. Adding greenery to your home is tricky, without any it looks unearthly and unsettling, but with the wrong kind of greenery, it can look cheap and tacky. It sounds harsh, but it is so true. Plants of any sort {florals included} bring life to a space and make it feel fresh. This topiary comes in a black, whitewashed urn that is simple and simply perfect!
  5. I literally feel the same way about baskets that I do about throw pillows. You needs LOTS and LOTS of baskets! I use mine for everything- to hide shoes, magazines, books, toys.. you name it. The best part about this look is that it is farm-style, but it is also ANY style. You can’t go wrong with having camouflaged storage, and that to me is what baskets are for! These come in a set-of-three descending and stitched in various colors. These are a must have!
  6. Last, but not least, a farmhouse chic piece that every home decorator should invest in, is a rustic, wood/distressed, “farm-style” table. This table is one of my very favorite items at Kirkland’s. Although it is the priciest of the items, it is timeless and practical. This is what I like to call a “compliment item.”

I’ve created a visual board {below} to show you these farm-house chic essentials. These items are available at Kirkland’s in store and online. Begin shopping by clicking HERE.

Unsponsored_Farmhouse Chic Style Board

Thank you for following, happy shopping!

– Candice Michelle

To find a store location near you, click HERE!

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Please note: All reviews and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Chic {Is What I like to Call It}

  1. Dona Hennig says:

    Wow,such knowledge I am so excited to follow you every move Candice. I love your taste and enthusiasm, Beautiful ideas and taste, wow what taste. I love to shop at Kirkland now I really want to go.
    Thank you for sharing Candice

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